Where’s the band?

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Doing a debate tonight for MRS at the Houses of Parliament about political brands: are parties or politicians stronger.

So today am feeling the strain of the one-man band thing.

At least, “the one and only Billy Spears” had the rest of the band. Ziggy had the Spiders. But me am a solo act.

Think I need to get successful soon so it’s more than just me…

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  1. chris forrest
    May 15, 2007

    ‘Politicians are stronger than their brands’
    Its easy, all you do is show a video of Peter Mandleson when re-elected against the odds doing his ‘I will survive speech’
    Was this helpful?
    I’m seeing Deborah Mattinson this afternoon so could ask her what she’s going to be saying against you. I’m tempted to come along but already booked for John Grant’s rival APG event.