Tai chi in the park

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Am in HK at the moment, working away for interesting client.

Have taken the opportunity for early morning walk along the waterfront (as a prophylatic against a day spent in air-conditioning) and am amazed each day at the sight of middle aged and elderly locals doing their Tai chi along the waterfront.

While there are a number of isolated individuals, most folk gather together (some arrive together) in the early morning Spring Sunshine.

Which made me ponder again how much we seek out the company of others, even in such meditative individual practices.

Once, in one of his more scatalogical novels, Guenther Grass described how our ancesters defacted together but ate separately to demonstrate how random our cultural rules can seem to be.

Here in Asia, in cultures which (as Nisbett points out) work with our nature (and not against it as our “I”-obsessed Anglo-Saxon one does), our very human desire to be and do together is not something we feel embarrassed about.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not on some naive trippy cultural sentimentality – but the neurotic separation of self from other here is markedly absent.

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  1. Holycow
    May 11, 2007

    When are you back ‘O Herdmeister’?