More from the Dark Side of t’Internet

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Welcometothedarkside1 Pic c/o George

Just as with the Kathy Sierra debacle, so the internet is also being used by loosely organised groups with shared interests to bully others. Little Estonia (pop c1m) has found itself under both off- and online attack by individuals from Russian ethnic groups following the decision to dismantle (finally) a well-known statue from the Soviet era which depicts a Russian soldier. The finger seems to point East (although this clearly isn’t totally the result of orders sent and obeyed…)

Go here for the NYT version of this story.

Having visited a few times (and having the my first book translated into Estonian), I have a soft spot and no little admiration for Estonians. Apart from anything else they managed to migrate most state and other documentation online in a matter of months – the kind of integrated solution we still haven’t managed in the UK. Yet this story shows how vulnerabl we all become to cyber offensives as we become more and more dependent on t’Internet.

It’s not all fluffy cats out there in cyberland