Herd in the home of “I”

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The United States were built on a number of principles which shape our modern world: the right of individuals to pursue their own happiness without interference of (British) authority. As such, more than anything else it has promulgated our cult of “I”.

Interesting then that over the next few days the Herdmeister will be visiting some of our former colonies to challenge this basic notion.

Roger Baxter and the gang at Hall and Partners US are very kindly hosting some gatherings for me to talk to their clients in NY (Monday eve) Chicago (Tuesday eve) and LA (Thursday am). Hurrah for them.

And no, despite my joshing, I won’t be doing a Prince Philip….

Allegedly at the moment of Kenyan independence being declared Phil the Greek was sitting next to Jomo Kenyatta on stage in a crowded African stadium. He leant across to the Big Man and asked him – as indeed the Union Jack was lowered for the very last time:

“you know it’s not too late to change your mind, Ol’ Thing…”