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Picture search this avo for a big presentation coming up.

Been thinking about that old Getty quote:

“No amount of sharpening the bit or changing the drill will improve your chances of striking oil if you’re drilling in the wrong place.”

One of the things that I find myself saying again and again at the moment is that the maps we have of the world – of human behaviour and how marketing stuff impacts on it – are inaccurate. Not only do they make certain things more important than they are in reality; they also hide certain features from us by making them seem less important than they really are. So it is with our thinking.

Which I thought would be great to illustrate with an old map (the kind of thing that used to fire my schoolboy imagination…).

But I found this beauty instead: Columbus’ sketch map of the West Indies.

Now I want to use this. Think I’m going to have to change what I say instead.


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  1. Charles Frith
    April 24, 2007

    More maps. Acejet is a terrific design blog 🙂