How do you explain the rise of word of mouth marketing?

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Ok, just a quickie.

How do you explain the rise of the buzz-, viral and word-of-mouth marketing fads except through herd-like means?

Of course, you could look at the external factors influencing any one decision-maker (like there is such a thing!).

And you could try to understand the underlying disposition, marcom preferences and cognitive processes of the individual decision-maker. You could even look at how the individual saw their needs being matched by the offering.

But isn’t it easier (whatever they tell you) to see that folk are doing this stuff because other folk are doing it. Of course, there are some pioneers (matches and match-lighters) but the real mechanism behind the spread is other folk and what they do.

Just a thought.

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  1. Matt Moore
    May 1, 2007

    Mark – As I was telling my fellow marketing executives the other day, I am clearly a very smart individual who is in no way influenced by others (I mean, I drive a BMW for heaven’s sake).
    I think value networks are an interesting perspective here (but then I think they’re an interesting perspective for just about anything*):
    In the following ways:
    – Realising that you are part of the system rather than separate from it (whether you drive a BMW or not).
    – Realising that the only part of the system you can own is your own role in it.
    – Understanding the flows of tangibles & intangibles between different roles in the system.
    Just finishing the book. Agreed with a great deal. Disagreed with other bits (i.e. they made me think). Love it.
    *I have this unusual ocular condition where everything looks like a nail.