Herd on the brain?

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Homer pic c/o www.simpsontrivia.com

And while we’re on the subject of how such stuff spreads, let’s just ponder how neurononsenes (sorry, neuromarketing) has spread.

Was it due to some persuasion of individual, sufficient to stimulate the reward centres of the brain of deciding individuals (as the advocates would have you believe)?

Or instead…because they managed to create the impression that other people seemed to be doing it? Very smart of them to get Coke, Pepsico and Daimler Chrysler on board as named triallists, wasn’t it?

I mean, let’s be honest – what would be the point of sticking someone in an fMRI scanner (or covering their faces/scalp with electrodes) if you wanted to understand how the devilish practice had spread?

Let’s be careful out there: if your methodology doesn’t explain or help you understand the spread of your own methodology, how exactly is it going to help you with anything else?