Being interesting (part 2)

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Been thinking the last few days about being and doing interesting. Prompted partly by the work I’ve been doing, also partly by the Interesting conference thing that Russell has put together and – I’ve got to be honest – unseasonably hot weather.

Whatever the cause, the thoughts crystallised today when i read Russ’s post on the changes he wanted to make in what he does. Sad though it is that Russ has chosen to pass on his excellent APSotW and all the other activities which make him the centre of planning blogging, it’s also liberating to him and to everyone else. Because we’ll avoid calcification of this new online planning thing and the initiatives that Russ has started for our benefit and he will get to do more of the things that get him going…

Think we should all follow his example – strategy being (in the words of one master) the art of sacrifice. And then there’s my mother’s advice to leave the party before they put the lights on….

What am I going to let go of that has outlived its usefulness to me? What things can I jettison to create more time, space and energy to do more interesting stuff?

Hmmmmmmmmm. Looks like it’s going to be an even more interesting spring.

Words of another master come to mind:

“Don’t do nothing that is cut price you know what that’ll make you be
They will try you tricky device tempt you with the ordinary”