What’s wrong with advertising today

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Another thought on the conversation in which Mark suggested that we’ve reached the Prog Rock stage of advertising’s development. Here’s what I was trying to say about the causes:

A number of things have got us to where we are now (whatever the intentions behind them – largely good I think):
– the love of craft (and training people in it) at the expense of the tune or the riff.
– the even greater love of showing off/worshiping our craft (ditto)
– long solos (please God, shut up, already)
– even longer solos by the members of the band that shouldn’t do solos (ditto)
– stadium gigs and inflated salaries (nuff said)
– concepts/ideas (and the worship their of)
– the belief that we are doing something important and meaningful (what?)
– Global jobs and global products (or is that inter-galactic?)

Maybe this is more about the agencies that I’ve worked at in recent years, but maybe it rings a bell with you.

Musically, I was there in 76, 77, 78. Have to admit I was more than a bit scared by the new stuff – it wasn’t complicated or clever enough as I thought things had to be. Took me a while to throw the old ways of judging stuff away. And then came the Clash and nothing has been the same since.

Maybe that’s what we need to think of right now. What we do isn’t rocket science – it’s simple. And it’s not important or meaningful. Or something to be appreciated aesthetically. But it’s tough to do really well. And even tougher to do well over and over and over.

But advertising is a garage band thing, not something for the 3-disc concept album.

And tell Rick he can lose the f****** knights on Ice.

D&AD et al, take note.

Rest now….