Wembley, Wembley

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Pic c/o BBC News

When I was very young, we moved from South Wales to Wembley – in time to learn to find the roar of the crowd strangely comforting (like a summer thunderstorm in the distance). From outside or inside, the stadium marked my childhood landscape.

In the past year or so have revelled in the sight of the new stadium being erected.

Today, doing a bit of family transport for guests at my mum’s 75th Birthday party, I found myself on Barn Hill (the hill directly above the stadium complex) and I saw the new completed stadium and heard the roar (60000 local residents were invited to test the facilities).

It looked amazing. Can’t wait for a match there…

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  1. David Brain
    March 19, 2007

    Was at Wembley Arena at the weekend right under the new stadium. Look absolutely amazing!