Watching social animals at play

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Let’s risk an unusual post today, I reckon. Don’t know if this will work but I thought it might be interesting to do this for real and see what you made of the experience (rather than me spout endlessly).

What I want you to do is this:

1. visit the UK bike forum Visordown and read the strand which was prompted by news arriving in the community of a significant Road Accident with 2 biker casualties.

2. Follow the strand to the end (yes, I know it’s more than 15 pages) and watch folk interacting with each other.

Here are some things to look out for:

a. the way the expression of sympathy (to unknown bikers) spreads with the news (think this is a rule for interaction around such news in this kind of community)
b. the way one non-cooperative individual responds
c. the group’s response (and how this spreads through copyin)
d. the lack of contrition on the part of the non-cooperater
e. how difficult it is for others to express their more balanced p o v

3. Now go back through the strand and read it in mumbo-jumbo language (just rubbish noises) but in a way which expresses the sentiment behind each post.

How does this change the way you’ve experienced the community’s response to this simple news story?
How does it change your view of the discussion?

Post your thoughts, experiences and learnings in the comment box but please remember this is a real community having a real disagreement about their responses to a real event. Be sensitive please…

I’ll leave this today where we are and post tomorrow around the same time on my perspective on what this teaches us…