Making beautiful music together

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Very excited today.

Sun is shining and first band practice looming later in the week. Something life-changing (“transcendent” probably too much for us) about playing songs together: sometimes it’s just chaos and whole rehearsals can go by when everything just feels…lumpen and unexciting.

But when the thing works it just works…with an audience going apeshit is the best, but even in the darkeness of the rehearsal studio you just feel it through your entire being. It’s more than all simulataneously following some 3rd party’s instructions or all following 1 bandmember’s lead. It’s intuitively – and often with out realising it – following and anticipating each other and responding to each other. That’s when it really works. That’s why practice helps…and why it touches the musician inside us so. Think how hard it is for an applauding crowd not to create some rythm together; from chaos they (co-) create rythmical sense, without ever agreeing to any rules or timing…

Think musical collaboration muyst be one of our oldest and most profound collective human experiences. Certainly the way we do it…Neanderthal, almost.

Thanks to Luc for this other example. Beware of musical burglars…