God Gave Rock And Roll To You

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Top band practice last night. All of us v excited by doing old faves and working out new songs. My fave being a swamp-billy version of King Creole with amazing Scotty Moore impersonation from Mikey G. Big up!

Sometimes it just works.

And when it does, for however long it does (normally for a couple of bars as far as we’re concerned and no more) it feels bloody fantastic.

Been pondering for a while quite how I think this stuff works from the inside of the band (as opposed from the outside i.e. the audience) and the answer – clearly – is on a number of dimensions; not least of which is that playing together – with loud guitars and drums, with a collective purpose and finely tuned interaction that ebbs and flows – takes each individual out of themselves in some way and creates the shared space for ‘enthusiasmos’ – the ”god within”. Not Rock Gods, but,…well, go read my first post on this. The same joy you feel doing other stuff together, like improv or dancing or – dare I mention it – religious practice.

And of course, none of this involves the usual reasons you start playing in bands (girls, girls and girls)…or that later reasons (you hope your mates will think you cool). Nor the rebellious spirit that’s so often used to explain the appeal of RnR. No, it’s simpler, older and much more profound.

Very excited about March 31st now. Please do join us on the night. Should be a blast.

One day soon I might even get around to posting the details of the charity we’re doing it for on the band’s blog. One day.

Meanwhile, let’s be excellent to each other, people…