Free Hugs (from an Australian?)

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If you’re a digital junkie, you’ve probably come across this fella before. Watch the video here and see how it changes people.

Funny how touch – simple human-human contact – can be so powerful. How it can change your experience of the world and yourself in it. But how tentative and suspicious most folk are…

Most of our lives is other people. They shape us and we shape them, from the day you are born until the the day you day. You can never escape the Other, as Freud pointed out. And yet we try so hard to do so in our modern lives.

A life without human contact? Not one most of us could endure. Particularly clear when you wake up in a hotel room.

Also, watch here or here or here or here to see how it can spread….

Oh, yes, that’d be by a Herd-type mechanism

Special prize for the first hug today…

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  1. Charles Frith
    March 23, 2007

    Hi Mark, I just watched this and kept thinking about your blog, and HERD at the same time. Maybe it’s of interest.