Fatboy in Brighton

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(Pic courtesty of the Other Fatboy in Brighton)

Really looking forward to next week.

Off to Brighton on Wednesday for MRS conference. Loads of really – really – good papers and some fantastic folk speaking and hanging around. Paul Feldwick is doing a great paper with Robert Heath on how we’ve had the wrong model of how ads work for the last 50 years, Judie Lannon (one of the great original planners) is doing a fab paper with Merry Baskin (yes, her) also. And lots of other great stuff…(Well done to Kevin and the organisers!). Also Richard Reeves should be really interesting.

I’m doing a paper about wrong-headedness which should increase the ire of certain research vendors, US marketers and lots of other deserving targets (to paraphrase the icky Richard Curtis, “if you can’t tell the truth at Conference time, when can you?”).

We’re on on Friday morning (hangovers willing) and the session is being chaired by one of my all-time-heroines, Wendy Gordon. David Penn’s paper is pretty great, also. Oh, and its the Golden Jubilee conference…so what’s your excuse

You can get day tickets if you can’t afford the full shebang…. Or take the “Cronk Approach” (which involves sitting for two days in the bar of the Metropole – an all time record) and don’t see a single paper (not advised for health reasons…).

Also there’s a cool event on the Thursday night which might really justify the train ticket in itself…(more on this closer to the time).

Might even blog a bit from there – perhaps having done 100 posts, I’m technically a blogger, at last.

Hope to see you there.