The curse of humanity

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More thoughts on the herd perspective. Or rather, how hard it is to let go of our own individualist perspective.

Top post yesterday from Dave O’Hanlon on Adliterate. David pulls together much of what I’ve been on about with regard to the misleading impressions that our minds give each of us about how our own behaviour arises (in the context of how advertising works and how Millward Brown are trying to tell us it does).

Pondering this (and knowing DOH’s love of continental philosophy), I remembered Albert Camus and the existentialist distinction between the inside view we have ourselves and the outside view.

In Camus’ retelling of the Sisyphus myth, he explores the essential absurdity of the human condition: from the inside our lives seem to make sense (indeed it has to) but from the outside, not: however great the goal and purpose that fires us if we achieve it, our lives descend into meaningless; and if we fail,…

Now the kind of stuff that I’m worrying about and writing about is not of the same order of profundity as the Great Goalie deals with, but the inside-outside perspective tangle is of the same sort. I think…?