Gareth “Lightening” Kay

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B****** Gareth beat me to this ‘how-they-did-they-do-it?’ video collection for the latest Orange UK campaign, “Belong”

I like it but well, I would do, wouldn’t I? It being based on a Herd idea.

Yup, I love it…almost as much as when I did in the meeting 3 years ago…

Ahead of my time, I guess…(sigh)

And also, clearly behind…


  1. Charles Frith
    February 22, 2007

    It’s lovely, really wholesome. First impression when I saw it was it’s so good I was wondering how would the idea be presented most effectively, internally and to the client? Maybe you can tell us? I’d love to know.

  2. Mark Earls
    February 23, 2007

    No idea how it got presented this time round. Had a number of new bizmeetings with a previous incarnation of this client and suggested this as a brand thought (Well, I have been talking Herd since 2003)
    Just one of those “no, but I thought of that” moments…sure we all have them…