Stop the pigeon…

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Guess who got to go up to town today? An icy town, too

Morning meeting with the guys I’m doing an MRS session with in March – David and Cliff both have lots of great stuff to say and Caroline just seemed to be stimulated by our debates so feel excited about this again (after the tedium of actually turning my scrawlings into a submission). And lunch with Gill whose cultural research tools are fascinating and inspiring by turns (and who also likes trifle…).

So I’m left to muse on humans, pigeons and open urban spaces as I cross Trafalgar Square on the way back to the tube…..

I’m a big fan of the pedestrianisation of these piece of central London that for too long have been race-tracks. However, what strikes me is how futile our attempts are to dictate the usage that crowds make of the space – sure it’s great to hire to celebrate the Ashes win a year ago; sure the London Mayorial sponsorship of art- and music events in the Square are all great to encourage people to find ways to use the space.

It just occurs to me that it’s as pointless trying to tell the pigeons how to use the space as it is to tell people how to use it. And what does that make business’s attempts to tell its own people and its consumers how to use its products, how to think and how to feel…

Doesn’t stop us though, does it?