Getting the crowd to form around you

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Camdenelvis3l Thanks to Paul Marshall for pic

Yesterday slight hangover.

But through the throng with Paul, Karen and Sair to Camden Lock to find these two fellas putting on an impromtpu show in Vegas threads. Like a pair of North London Tony Cliftons.

They’d set up outside my fave reggae stall, hijacked the soundsystem and just did their wierd bewigged routine to sleazy lounge music til folk gathered. Like Andy Kaufman‘s greasy crooner, they refused to compromise or let the audience in on the joke but stayed in character before during and after…

A crowd gathered. First in ones and twos, then threes and fours followed the ones and twos…Some to photograph and some to dance with them. Some just to stare in open mouthed amazement..

No attempt to ‘engage’ with potential consumers or get up close to their audience; no asking opinions (“what kind of entertainment would keep you rapt here for twenty minutes or so? Something serious or maybe comic?”). No concept test, just a hunch and idea and some good old enthusiasm…

No, the twin wierdies just stood their ground and made the crowd come to them. All the while shuffling in their own strange snakeskin shoed skank…a skank that lots seemed to share

No need to explain what this might mean for brand folk…but let’s just say if your brand got this much interest from passing trade on t’internet or high street you’d be rather pleased. If your enthusiasm created this much enthusiasm amongst your customers, then I think you might be very pleased…