Competition time

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Had this idea (after a few drinks before Xmas) and wanted to open it out.

The Herd book is out very shortly, the cover image (see below) features those “Cellotaphs” – the informal floral shrines to the victims of road accidents that have started to appear all over the UK (although i’ve seen some wild ones in Latin countries and India and Thailand, I’m interested in the way they have spread recently).

I wanted to do something more interesting than the usual DM nonsense (you know how I love DM…)

So here’s my thought:

I’m going to curate an online exhibition of photographs (and other digital images) of these cellotaphs. And maybe an offline one, too? With a cash prize for the best? Dunno.

The one above of the Marc Bolan shrine in Barnes is the first entry (Tom Mattey did it for my book).

Kieron, Adrian and few others already agreed to have a go. Who else wants some?


  1. nitsirk
    January 6, 2007

    There’s a good essay about spontaneous shrines at – a tricky subject. Perhaps because these sites are exceptionally dynamic and ephemeral, documenting them through photographs could be useful and respectful.

  2. Charles Frith
    January 6, 2007

    Hi Mark. You might find that the ones you see in Thailand are actually shrines for Buddhist Animism. I’ve never seen anything close to the Marc Bolam tree in the 14 years I’ve been coming here, but that doesn’t mean I’ve seen it all. Best for 2007.

  3. Mark Earls
    January 6, 2007

    Thanks Nit. See what you mean.
    And Charles, you’re right about Thailand. Same in Latin world – had to work back from where an accident had been.
    Thanks both for your comments.