Clearing up

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When you don’t sit in an office all day, you see other stuff.

Like these boys clearing up on Primrose Hill after the storms.

Always think its a bit sad to see tree-remains being removed – you’d think it’d leave a mighty big space on the Hill, but it doesn’t. Not sure anyone will remember the tree was there by next Spring. There are loads more and in anycase, while trees make P Hill a nice spot – ok a lovely spot – people go there to walk, sit, eat, chat, play, sunbathe and generally do the things our social species does (as opposed to tree counting/spotting – that would make make it an arboretum!)

Been thinking about the tremendous debate amongst ad planning types on Richard‘s excellent blog. Lots of energy, lots of vigour and some good old fashioned position-taking, too. But without meaning to belittle anyone’s feelings or contribution to the debate or their agencies or their clients, I just feel that at the end of the day, it matters very little to anyone really which of these boys is right or wrong.

If planning was abolished (criminalised?) over night, would it make a jot of difference to business?

Not sure anyone would notice.

Not sure anyone would care.

At least once the Summer was here again (no that’s the trees…). Ok, once business got used to life without us.

Maybe we worry too much about the wrong things….


  1. John Grant
    January 23, 2007

    I dont think they’d miss the planning. But wouldnt everyone miss the planners? Arent pointless debates a sign that we care perhaps too much about what we do – as opposed to caring about creative awards or client billings (I say ‘we’ although I am of course an ex-planner too).
    Anyway I really popped by to find out when the new book is out? Do you have review copies yet? I’ve been looking forward to it :J

  2. richard
    January 23, 2007

    Ah yes the scorn of the ex-planner.
    Of course these debates matter little in the context of life in general but they matter quite a bit to the pratitioners of the discipline – those trying to do something new with it and those trying to learn what it is about. I guess that is the thing about blogs devoted to specific subjects (especially geeky subjects)they can look rather pointless to the outside world while having great value to the community they serve.
    In any case I rather like provoking debate and seeing where it runs – I have long given up the temptation my qual training has given me to marshall the discussion this way or that. I guess the readers dictate where the thread goes and it reflects what they are interested in.

  3. Mark Earls
    January 23, 2007

    Thanks both.
    Personally I’ve always thought this kind of debate really interesting and valuable – Richard you certainly generated a load of energy with your post. And this can’t but be good for the community in some ways.
    But ultimately I suspect they blind us to the other – bigger? – questions that should be occupying our minds right now.
    The turf war over how do the thing called planning assumes that there’s going to be a thing called planning that exists in the future and I’m not sure that’s a certainty…
    Doesn’t mean the debate’s irrelevant at all; it just reframes it.