Being in a band (2)

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Being in a band is like being in a family. Except that there are no natural grown-ups. So more like Lord of the Flies potentially. Ignoring all the off stage stuff, the thing that strikes me again and again is the difference between a proficient amble through a tune and really making it sing (see how I avoided the ‘rock’ cliche?).

This means more than technical proficiency. And oh, yes, remembering the chords and words and the order in which they come (one of our boys once asked the rest of us – “that last song, what key was it in?”). It means all of that AND really listening and interacting with each other AND at the same time really going for it (RnR don’t sit well with tentative moves). And being good to each other – supporting and appreciating each others efforts. Insisting on having fun and the audience having fun, too. Oh, and banning guitar solos longer than 1 verse…Being a great co-creator of performances.

So anyway, we’ve finally got our s*** together and have fixed a gig for March. The Big Shorts in Spring Time. Watch this space…


  1. Holycow
    January 27, 2007

    Mark – how strange – I have been playing in bands for nearly 20 years but never posted anything about it. But your thoughts bring a different perspective to things – thanks for that. There are lots of parallels between playing/collaborating and creative work isn’t there? John Griffiths plays guitar too and we have often talked about the creation of a song being not really that different to the creation of a piece of creative work (I Guess they are the same really). Anyway – no doubt see you at MRS – if not before at some sleazy pub making a racket…

  2. Mark Earls
    January 27, 2007

    Hi mate.
    thanks for stopping by.
    Cuppa soon?