Being in a band…

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Ben James is in a band.

He’s from Cardiff.

He’s got the voice of an angel.

The guitarist is extraordinary.

They’re called Leave the Capital.

Steve Lamacq is playing their single this week on BBC 6. Listen to it.

Being in a band isn’t about random rock n rollery.

Turning up and just doing your thing.

It’s hard work. Hard work practically and hard work musically.

Ben and the boys built their own rehearsal rooms (yes, with wood and saws and things).

It also takes an awful lot of work for a band to get their music working, all for a few moments of grace.

A few moments in which each band member really hears and responds to the others.

A few moments that change the atmosphere in a room.

A few moments that get the members of the audience to do something to each other and to the band and back again.

A few moments you hold onto for ages. Sometimes a lifetime.

Ben and the boys are playing the Barfly Camden on Friday night – before they drive back down the M4 to the other capital city.

Go and see them. Just for that one deed that might change everything.


  1. Steve Moore
    January 25, 2007

    hello mark
    I am organising conference for London 100 leading collaboratives in London on 27 February at NESTA. I would love you to come along and share some of the ideas in this blog and in your new book. Can you e mail me your contact details?

  2. kevin
    January 25, 2007

    what time on Fri?
    great picture! (road-y one)