What do you believe

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Ok, it’s been a week but I’m still proud as punch.

My lil’ sis, Ros, won a big gong at last week’s music biz Woman of the Year awards for what she’s done over the last 20 years with her management company 140dB: managing top producers and engineers like Flood (to the right of Ros’ blond bob in the right hand photo), Ben Hillier, Steve Osbourne, Rob Kirwan, Dmitri et al for bands like U2, Depeche, Coldplay, Peter Gabriel, Nick Cave, Elbow,PJ Harvey, New Order, and loads more.

Apart from the family connection, the thing about 140dB that makes it a HERD business is this: they do what they believe in (and don’t do what they don’t believe in). The money comes second (though they earn every penny). They will only do what they think is good music. They’re still just as obsessed with new music as they were at the start – with doing new and interesting things. And this is distinctive in the biz – everyone respects her for it. Just as with all those great big companies that you have heard of…the Nike’s, the Starbucks and the Apple’s – as well as a few of the smaller ones you might just like – the Howies of this world.

It’s what you believe that really counts – and whether you live it out or not. As my mate, Tessa Graham (who works with Jamie Oliver), says: its your beliefs that gives your brand a soul. No amount of best practice or marketing triangles will help if you don’t have and live them.

Big up, Ros.