Another view of Christmas

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Last night – the night before Christmas Eve – spent with 3 lovely friends, Sanne, Lucas and Hugh. Sanne and Lucas – being Germanic insist on beeswax candles for their tree. Quite a wierd effect on a phone camera….and particularly when seen sidways (Ok I took the photo the wrong way…)

But behind the difference lies a simple and (I hope by now familiar) truth: again and again, we choose to punctuate our lives with gatherings of those we care about: the folk who shaped us as we shaped them; as both of us continue to do to each other.

Me, I’m up early tomorrow to cook a goose with my family before raucous singing and (I suspect) a marathon Perudo session. Old quarrels hopefully forgot, at least for a day. I hope that wherever you are, your Chrismas Day is spent with those you love. That’s how it’s meant to be for our little social species. Hurrah!

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  1. Holycow
    January 2, 2007

    Mark – Happy New Year – looking forward to hearing your views on a whole host of stuff in 2007.