Being useful

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If you buy that mass behaviour is complex than you’ve got to accept that you can’t make the Herd do anything. You can influence it, for sure, but you can’t make folk do anything.

So how can you change the way a Herd works? Change its direction or push it faster in a direction that it’s already going in…?

Well, the first thing to do is to work out how you can change the way the Herd interacts (or individuals within it interact with each other, if you like). How can you make it easier for them to interact with each other in a way which advances your agenda?

One example I’m really excited about right now is this: Louise O’H of Australia’s Ethical Investment Association has developed this simple certification tool for financial institutions and advisers which helps them (and their customers) engage with ethical investment (admittedly already a growing market). Rather than make the customer (or adviser) wade through detail, this tool makes it easier to be clear about what is and what isn’t covered in an EI.

Useful? Yep.

Simple? Yep.

Clever? Damn right.

Good on ya, Lou.