Bang bang

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Sunday night out to the second of this weekend’s Firework parties. It still seems odd to me – someone raised a catholic – that we gather together once a year to celebrate the foiling of a catholic plot to unseat the British Monarchy. One gathering in Lewes actually has a pope-effigy to burn – as well as versions of whoever is the hate-figure of the day. Dubya might be on again…

Other cultures also love fireworks at this time of the year (Muslim’s have Eid – the end of Ramadan – and Hindu’s Diwali) so in multicultural North london we’ve had several weeks of explosions and pyrotechnics, often late into the night…they seem to have stopped now. Finally, say the cats, dogs and squirrels of the ‘hood.

For Herdies, the firework party phenomenon clearly has deeper and older roots (the beginning of long dark nights and so on) but it’s yet another one of those things we choose to do together. Just as my chum Kieron points out, what’s the point of going to the cinema on your own; the same is true of fireworks. However spectacular the explosions, whatever the colours you choose to paint the sky with and whatever the excuse, fireworks are that much more exciting when there’s a crowd to react to them.
Next time, suggest you observe how other people’s reactions and how they influence yours.

Fireworks for the solo spectator = not much fun. Even sparklers like young Eddie has here are more fun in front of friends and family.X1pn1mp8dkygtgwhg0vbbuvxbspvjepkxcgfibnn